The last thing you’d want to deal with is a full-blown pest infestation in your home or place of business. Although practicing the best pest control measures with the help of experienced professionals is necessary to keep those unwelcome guests at bay, your choice of flooring also plays a crucial role in keeping rodents and insects out of your property. Unlike other flooring systems, epoxy flooring can offer you this advantage. If you’ve never heard of an epoxy floor before, it refers to a flooring surface with at least 2 mm or multiple layers of epoxy applied to it. Although epoxy floors are widely used in industrial environments, you can also see them in residential and commercial areas as well.

What is Epoxy?

In case you’re wondering, epoxy is a system that’s made up of resins and hardeners that are carefully mixed together in order to form an extremely rigid and strong plastic that bonds securely to the substrate and offers high resistance against degradation.

Why Do Pests Hate Epoxy Flooring?

Pests are naturally drawn to the warmth, the abundant supply of food and water indoors, and the protection against the elements that they find indoors. Epoxy floors can protect you from these intruders because of the following reasons:

It blocks them out

The key to keeping pests out of your property is to block all of their possible entry points. Aside from sealing in your drains, epoxy flooring can also effectively seal off wires, doorjambs, cooler walls, and pipes that may protrude out from your floor. Its seamless and non-porous material is impervious to cracking and chipping which makes it an ideal flooring solution for preventing pests from entering your home or business.

How To Keep Mice, Ants And Other Invaders Out Of Your House

It removes their habitats

Pests have this uncanny ability to hide and crawl in cracks and crevices without being detected. Since epoxy flooring systems are seamless, you won’t have to worry about group joints and small cracks and crevices that can turn into perfect hiding spots for some pests.

With epoxy floors, you can be sure that no pesky pests can manage to move freely through your floors or live in your walls or slab. Since an epoxy floor solution is waterproof, it makes it impossible for water to seep into the substrate and attract pests.

It starves them

Did you know that food particles can get easily trapped in cracks and crevices that are mostly found on floors? Aside from the fact that epoxy flooring systems don’t easily crack or chip, they’re also extremely easy to clean. This means that you’ll easily spot and clean up food particles or waste that has fallen on the floor.

It enhances the effects of pest control treatments

Should you decide to have your property treated for pest control, the quantity of pesticides that you’ll need to use will be greatly reduced because your epoxy floors don’t have cracks in them and they’re also very easy to clean. Eliminating pests that remain will be much easier for you because epoxy floors have already resolved most of the issues that can possibly draw pests into your property.