It is difficult to imagine a bathroom without a shower or without a bathtub. Every morning you spend 10 to 20 minutes having a shower, but it may take much more time cleaning and wiping the floor after the water procedures if you don’t have a shower or bathroom door.

Nowadays it is very popular to have glass shower cubicle or bathroom door. The construction can be framed or frameless. You can choose between hinged or sliding doors. And what is more important you can pick up the design of the glass panel. It can be transparent, frosted or have any picture you want on it.

If you are not the only dweller of the house or apartment you live in, it is better to buy frosted glass shower door to avoid awkward moments when someone enters the bathroom while you are having a shower. Frosted glass shower doors will match any interior style as you can pick the frosting pattern and the picture on the doors. Besides you can choose handles and hinges that match your overall bathroom design.

Small Bathroom Solutions

If your bathroom is not large and you don’t have a separate shower cubicle you can install a frosted glass bathroom door directly onto you bathtub and enjoy having shower there. Such door will hinder the water splashes and drops from falling onto the floor. Besides, it will capture the steam not letting it out of the glass construction. That will alleviate the damaging moisture effect on bathroom furniture and other items vulnerable to humidity.

If you think of space economizing you can buy frosted glass sliding shower doors. They slide in one plane which is very convenient if your bathroom is small.

Time to Experiment

Nowadays it becomes more popular to experiment with materials and styles. Thus, for example, instead of conventional wooden bathroom door you can install bathroom entry doors with frosted glass. This design option is rather bold. However it has its advantages: glass is a waterproof material unlike wood or woodchip board which is usually used for making doors. Besides, a bathroom door with frosted glass panel will add a certain charm to the overall interior of your house or apartment.

Since you can choose any pattern you like to be on the glass. Bathroom doors with frosted glass will contribute specialty and originality to your bathroom. For instance, if you have a beach themed bathroom you can have a glass door with sea-shells depicted on it. Furthermore, there are no limits for using glass constructions in house design. You can install interior door with frosted glass literally anywhere in your house. Frosted glass doors for bathrooms look especially stylish in high tech and contemporary design.

How Glass Becomes Frosted

Now let’s look upon the technology of frosted glass manufacturing. The most common way to get the needed pattern and frost is sandblasting method.

Basically, sandblasting is removal of the top layer of the glass surface with an abrasive material. Despite its apparent simplicity, sandblasting technique requires experience and skills as there is a number of ways of sand drawing.

Matting of glass can be produced over the entire glass surface or can be limited by template that allows you to get a matte pattern on a smooth surface, or a smooth pattern on the matte surface. Processing can be done either from the front or from the rear. It may be superficial, deep or double-sided. Grit pattern varies from coarse to very fine; the first option allows you to achieve the effect of texture and with the second one you can create “velvety” detailed drawings.

Art sandblasting produces tones and semitones, allowing you to adjust the image to create realistic and graceful gradient transitions. Art sandblasting is performed on glass of any thickness, but the work requires great precision and skill of the performer. Other types of sandblasting are colored sand blasting, photo sandblasting and bilateral sandblasting.

So now, doing renovations in your house, think of frosted glass interior doors for bathrooms, as it is a good option for contemporary bathroom design. Frosted shower and bathroom doors are modern, stylish and not very expensive.