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Ideas to Design a Modern Kitchen

Whether you’re designing the kitchen of your dreams for a new home or updating your existing kitchen into the 21st century, incorporating modern materials into your design plan can provide aesthetic beauty and practical function. Kitchens tend to provide a gathering place for casual conversation, as well as the source for preparing a tasty meal. Here are some innovative ideas to help you design a modern kitchen with old-fashioned comfort.

Light and Bright

Ideas to Design a Modern Kitchen
Image Source: Plan for Home Design

Cheer up your kitchen space by lighting up the area. Light wall colors make any kitchen appear bright, modern and more spacious. Allow natural sunlight to stream into your kitchen space. Install Roman blinds over windows in playful fabric prints to inject a delightful spark of color into the kitchen area. Mix trendy pendant lights, modern track lighting or recessed ceiling lights with an updated chandelier to provide a lively variety of intriguing luminescent light fixtures.


Ideas to Design a Modern Kitchen
Image Source: Rooms Organizer

Sleek, well-constructed cabinetry adorned with simple, classic hardware symbolizes modern sophistication. Cabinets painted in neutral colors, such as jet black, clean white, soft beige or steel gray enhance the modern kitchen decor. If you prefer a more natural, modern look, stained-wood cabinetry reveals the rich, natural wood grains in the kitchen cabinets. Satin, polished or brushed nickel or chrome hardware accentuate modern cabinetry. Glass doors and open shelves provide ideal spaces for displaying your favorite dishes or stemware.


Ideas to Design a Modern Kitchen
Image Source: Graha design

Splurge on appliances that convey an instant modern look to your kitchen, while being packed full of the latest convenient features. For example, the Inglis Refrigerator is manufactured with innovative, practical features that is attractively designed to last for many years. White kitchen appliances impart a fresh, modern ambiance, while stainless steel provides a more contemporary, cutting-edge feel.


Ideas to Design a Modern Kitchen
Image Source: Macro

A kitchen island supplies an ideal food prep area, convenient storage space and a gathering place to engage in casual conversation. A granite countertop, comfy bar stools and an attractive chopping block blend a modern look with cozy comfort and practical convenience. Colorful seat cushions add a burst of color to mundane bar stools.


Ideas to Design a Modern Kitchen
Image Source: Ideas Home Design

Energize your modern kitchen with potted greenery, flowering plants or a sculpted topiary. Framed botanical prints and an over-size wall clock help to create a modern kitchen accented with a few traditional accessories. A crystal clear bowl brimming over with sunny yellow lemons, fresh green limes or shiny red apples adds visual color and texture to any kitchen. Install a shiny stainless steel or colorful glass backsplash to provide function and aesthetic appeal to a modern kitchen.

Top 3 Choices for the Best Garage Floor Epoxy

In most cases, homeowners often neglect to pay close attention to their garage floors because they think that a garage floor doesn’t require that much TLC since they’re only used for parking cars and for doing some minor auto repairs. However, unless you do something about your messed-up garage floor, you’ll have to bear the look of that eyesore every day. If your garage’s dull and boring concrete surface is begging you for a makeover, your best solution would have to be garage floor epoxy. This product isn’t only known for its strength and durability, but it’s also widely used in areas that get a lot of brutal treatment. Thanks to its high resistance to vehicle or pedestrian traffic, abrasions, heat, shock, moisture, and caustic car chemicals, epoxy flooring remain to be the ultimate go-to for renovations.

Unfortunately, trying to choose the best garage floor epoxy isn’t as easy as most people hoped it would be. To give you a head start, check out these top 3 choices:

Rust-Oleum 238467 Professional Floor Coating Kit

When it comes to performance, this option will definitely give you your money’s worth. Due to the fact that it comprises a high-solid base epoxy resin, you can expect it to last for many years. Unlike water-based kits, this product will also serve as an efficient waterproofing agent that will keep your garage floor dry at all times. You won’t have to worry about caustic chemicals or corrosive and contaminating substances because this flooring solution will give your floors the added protection that it needs to withstand these agents. What’s more, it’s also highly resistant to peels and scratches. Furthermore, you can save a lot of money just by purchasing a single kit because it allows you to cover a 200-square-foot area. What’s more, this product hardens faster compared to other alternatives. You can walk on the cured surfaces within a day and you can drive over them in just 4 days.

Top 3 Choices for the Best Garage Floor Epoxy

Valspar Premium Clear Kit

This product guarantees desired results in terms of durability and performance because of its superb adhesion capabilities. In fact, compared to other epoxy paints on the market, this flooring solution is known to deliver the best adhesion. Once applied, this product doesn’t peel off easily even if your garage floors are constantly exposed to salt, moisture, or heat that comes from hot tires. You can count on it to retain its showroom-quality, glossy finish for a long time.

Rust-Oleum 251966 Garage Floor Kit

This product will surely give any homeowner the best bang for the buck. Not only does this product give you’re the aesthetic results that you’re looking for, but it will also manage to meet your expectations in terms of strength and durability. The fact that it’s extremely easy to maintain makes it an ideal choice for those who are looking to find low-maintenance flooring systems. Cleaning it is a breeze because you’ll only need to do so with soap and water. Furthermore, you can use a single kit to cover up to 250-square-feet of garage floor area.

How To Keep Mice, Ants And Other Invaders Out Of Your House

The last thing you’d want to deal with is a full-blown pest infestation in your home or place of business. Although practicing the best pest control measures with the help of experienced professionals is necessary to keep those unwelcome guests at bay, your choice of flooring also plays a crucial role in keeping rodents and insects out of your property. Unlike other flooring systems, epoxy flooring can offer you this advantage. If you’ve never heard of an epoxy floor before, it refers to a flooring surface with at least 2 mm or multiple layers of epoxy applied to it. Although epoxy floors are widely used in industrial environments, you can also see them in residential and commercial areas as well.

What is Epoxy?

In case you’re wondering, epoxy is a system that’s made up of resins and hardeners that are carefully mixed together in order to form an extremely rigid and strong plastic that bonds securely to the substrate and offers high resistance against degradation.

Why Do Pests Hate Epoxy Flooring?

Pests are naturally drawn to the warmth, the abundant supply of food and water indoors, and the protection against the elements that they find indoors. Epoxy floors can protect you from these intruders because of the following reasons:

It blocks them out

The key to keeping pests out of your property is to block all of their possible entry points. Aside from sealing in your drains, epoxy flooring can also effectively seal off wires, doorjambs, cooler walls, and pipes that may protrude out from your floor. Its seamless and non-porous material is impervious to cracking and chipping which makes it an ideal flooring solution for preventing pests from entering your home or business.

How To Keep Mice, Ants And Other Invaders Out Of Your House

It removes their habitats

Pests have this uncanny ability to hide and crawl in cracks and crevices without being detected. Since epoxy flooring systems are seamless, you won’t have to worry about group joints and small cracks and crevices that can turn into perfect hiding spots for some pests.

With epoxy floors, you can be sure that no pesky pests can manage to move freely through your floors or live in your walls or slab. Since an epoxy floor solution is waterproof, it makes it impossible for water to seep into the substrate and attract pests.

It starves them

Did you know that food particles can get easily trapped in cracks and crevices that are mostly found on floors? Aside from the fact that epoxy flooring systems don’t easily crack or chip, they’re also extremely easy to clean. This means that you’ll easily spot and clean up food particles or waste that has fallen on the floor.

It enhances the effects of pest control treatments

Should you decide to have your property treated for pest control, the quantity of pesticides that you’ll need to use will be greatly reduced because your epoxy floors don’t have cracks in them and they’re also very easy to clean. Eliminating pests that remain will be much easier for you because epoxy floors have already resolved most of the issues that can possibly draw pests into your property.

Decorative Concrete Boynton Beach

Decorative Concrete at Boynton Beach is one of the best choice of flooring because of the benefits that you are desired to add in your flooring system. Sometime you may worry about the repairing of floor repeatedly but now no need to worry about the repairing of old floors. We offer you services that are very durable and remain same for long time span. Once you installed our flooring system, you don’t need to worry about its repairing because we promise you for its durability.

Decorative Concrete Boynton Beach is one of the decent choice for outside area of homes and offices. Because we have added many refreshing colors and designs in it that suits best with the beauty of outside areas.  Whenever any visitor come at your home or office place the presentation of flooring system should always be impressive for him. We added such impressiveness in you floor that someone hardly resist loving it.

One of the major advantage of Decorative Concrete Boynton Beach is its cleaning. Concrete floor don’t require any hectic cleaning procedure. Only a simple mop can sweet the area because concrete floors don’t allow the stains or dust to stay on it. Our team hired very professional architectures who give such shaping to floor that water don’t stay on it. Because we realized the fact that most of the flooring system damaged because water stay on it.

The concrete floors contain such chemical mix that is not dangerous for the health of workers and the residential people. The chemical mix for concrete has the quality of absorption, slip resistance, dirt resistant, and reflection of light. Whenever light falls on such flooring system, it not only reflect the light but also absorb some light and don’t affect the coolness of floor.

Decorative Concrete Boynton Beach

Decorative Concrete Boynton Beach is also best suited for the home situated in warm areas because of the cooling effects of the chemicals present in the concretes.  These floor are very comfy to walk on, one can walk on such floor without using any shoes.Decorative Concrete Boynton Beach is also very comfy to walk on for the old people because of the soothing effect of the floor on foot.

Because of the antifungal and anti-bacterial effect of the Decorative Concrete Boynton Beach, such flooring system should preferably installed by the hospital management. Because it is a place surrounded by the germs of chemical plus constrained people visit the place who are worried about the illness of their close one. Decorative Concrete Boynton Beach can help them to give some refreshing look.

Decorative Concrete at Boynton Beach is armed with a team of diverse people, who are very specialized in their work. Once a deal is finalized with our team members they start renovating your home or office place with full devotion and care. Our team care about your property and surely help you to enhance the value of your property by installing one of the best flooring system at your home or commercial area.


It’s no doubt that washing machine is one of the most wonderful inventions in human life. It saves us a lot from the nightmare of hand washing. Just put the clothes inside the tug, add some washing powder/liquid, press the buttons then let it do the job. The tug will automatically be filled with water then agitate to scrub the clothes then spin to wring out water.

The question is always: How to buy the right clothes washer for your household out of hundreds of models. These tips may provide you a solution that will adapt to your lifestyle, budget and energy concerns.

Washing machine is an appliance which consume a lot of energy and water, especially in case of regular use. Before the purchase, you should note down few important points as following:

Frequency: how often you use the washer. If it’s on a daily basis or you wash often, you should choose a stainless-steel tub. If not, porcelain-coated steel or a high-grade plastic one is a better choice.

Clothes: If you wash a variety of fabrics and levels of dirtiness, choose a machine with multiple settings for normal to very delicate and soak textures, with one or two rinse. A wide range of settings helps the washer work efficiently for loads of different types of clothes at different level of dirtiness. This is not only good for energy efficiency but also for the convenience. Learn more information and facts about energy conservation.


Size and capacity: The size of the washer is the size of the tug. It depends on how many kg of clothes you wash on a regular basis. A big amount of clothes for a small-sized washer or the reverse, both cases are the waste of water and energy. Think about the number of people whose clothes you need to wash. For a large family, find one with a high capacity drum. A 5 kg or 6 kg-capacity washing machine will be sufficient if there are only 2-3 people only.

Space: you should consider where to put the washer in your house and the measure the space to buy the right size washer.

Types: Two most common types of washing machine are top-loading and front-loading.

A top-loading one agitates the clothes on vertical axis, allows you access the washtub without turning the machine off then add clothes easily while washing. It costs less but works less efficient in a long term.

A front-loading one agitates the clothes on horizontal axis. It proves greater advantages such as: 1/3 to ½ less water, faster spinning speed so less time to finish the washing and less energy consumed. However a front loader is more expensive and heavier thus more difficult to be installed and moved. Some models require special detergent.

Dryer: Depending on the weather condition of your location, there may be the need of the dryer along with the washer as well. Nowadays, many models are combination of both washer and dryer.

Automatic temperature regulator: especially in cold climate, this device is a must which ensure the water comes in at a constant temperature for the setting.

Electrical system: Since the washer is a big consumer of electric, you should be sure that the electric system of your household can afford it as well as verify the voltage requirement. Some models manufactured abroad (such as Japan) applies the 110V system.

Energy Rating: Rating for washing machine ranges from A+++ down to ‘A’, which indicates how the machine consumes electricity and water. Make sure you choose the one that helps you cut operation cut.

Sophisticated features: some washing models incorporate with electronic timer and control. Some are designed with special frame to reduce noises.

Warranty: Carefully check about both the term and the extent of the coverage.

Moving heavy furniture into your new home

After you’ve received a positive result from a home inspection and closed the deal on a new place, you have to face the most difficult part of the process: the move. While it can be daunting to take your whole life and transition it into a new space, the process can be relatively painless if you properly prepare. Naturally, large furniture pieces are a major concern for most people as they move, and if you’re planning on transporting everything yourself, weighty items can present a serious challenge. Here are some tips to keep in mind as you haul those heavy items

Have a friend

Trying to move heavy or unwieldy items on your own is a recipe for disaster. Essentially, you’re playing a dangerous game where you either damage your furniture, injure yourself or cause some combination of the two. Don’t take that risk. Instead, get a friend to come along on moving day. You might have to buy them dinner afterward, but they’ll make the task much easier and keep things safe. That’s worth a few extra bucks. Click here for more latest DIY and home improvement.

Moving heavy furniture into your new home

Grab some blankets

While you don’t need to keep furniture warm in cold weather, you do want to keep it safe from dents and dings. Blankets are a great way to keep the finish on your prized items in perfect condition, so either pick up some actual moving blankets or grab some old blankets you aren’t using anymore and wrap up pieces before you move them. Actual moving blankets are particularly useful, because their durability allows you to slide furniture items across the floor on top of the blanket.

Plan your attack

Nothing is worse than moving a heavy piece of furniture into a room before realizing you actually wanted to place it somewhere else. Rather than moving pieces repeatedly, make a plan ahead of time and draw out a blueprint. That way you’ll only have to move each item once. 

Make multiple trips

Remove drawers from items and carry them separately. While it might take more time, it will make the entire process easier and more efficient. 

Be willing to get help

Though it would be cost effective to move everything yourself, it might not be worth it in the end. If you have items that are extremely valuable or oddly shaped, call a professional rather than risking damage to your item or new home. Moving difficult objects is a skill in itself, and you can definitely trust your beloved items with professionals.

Paint your home’s interior this winter

If you’re stuck inside on a winter day, painting the rooms of your home can be a fun and productive way to spend your time. While people might scoff at the idea of painting indoors with limited ventilation, you don’t need to worry: Modern latex and acrylic paints don’t put out any harmful fumes, and a dehumidifier paired with an oscillating fan will help the paint dry quickly and dissipate any smells. This means the cold presents a great opportunity to warm up your home’s interior with a fresh color. If you’re trying to sell a home, consider painting before your home inspection, it might make your place more appealing for potential buyers. Whether you’re prepping your home for sale or just want to change the tone of your living space, here are some tips to make sure your painting adventure goes smoothly and leaves your house looking its best:

Pick the right paint

It’s not easy to decide what color you’ll be comfortable with for the next several years while standing in the aisles of a home improvement store. To take off some of the pressure, bring paint swatch home before making a decision. This will let you analyze different tones next to your furniture and other furnishings and see how the colors interact. You should also check the paint companies’ websites to see if you can find images of rooms painted with colors you like. While a paint swatch can establish a helpful baseline for what a color will look like, it’s difficult to know from that tiny square how the color will translate to a full wall.

Paint your home's interior this winter

You also want to avoid being too timid when selecting colors. If you like a certain tone, consider stepping up a bolder relative within the paint range. Strong colors are particularly useful in large spaces, because they can make the room feel smaller and more intimate.

Prep the walls

Painting isn’t difficult, but a little preparation will make the entire experience more pleasant. Strip any wallpaper off the walls and repair any dents or other cracks with some spackle. After you’ve corrected any glaring surface flaws, sand the walls. This will give the walls a grain that lets the paint adhere solidly. Then, tape off any areas that you want to avoid painting. It’s generally a good idea to keep trim pieces white, as this provides a nice counterpoint to nearly any color. 

Prep the room

A day of painting can be ruined if you accidentally recolor one of your favorite pieces of furniture. While you can lay sheets over your belongings to prevent this from happening, keeping everything safe will probably involve some heavy lifting on your part. If you have items that you are particularly concerned about, move them out of the room rather than trying to work around them. It might take more time up front, but it will give you peace of mind. Be sure to shift any furniture you don’t take out of the room to the center of the space. Trying to work around large objects is an easy way to make mistakes and ruin the wall or your possessions. 

Get the gear

A perfect paint job requires multiple coats and an attention to detail. It also requires a variety of tools to ensure that you can apply paint to every surface. Paint rollers are a must for room painting, but you’ll also want some brushes for detail work around door and window frames. Count on having to paint the space at least twice. A first coat might look good, but close inspection will reveal inconsistencies. Take the time to go back over everything after the first coat dries. 

Epoxy Garage And Basement St Louis

St Louis Has Lots of Garage Floors. If you’re looking for a Epoxy garage floor coating and basement floor coating company near me, you’ve come to the right place. If you’re thinking about adding more room to your home, consider remodeling your basement instead. While it might be a dark cave at the moment, a bit of work can make your basement into a beautiful and functional living space that can greatly increase your home’s utility and add to its value. A basement remodel can be extensive, and you will likely need to contact some professionals to help you complete the job. Here are some things to consider as you prepare before calling the pros:

Make sure it all checks out

You can have all of your frequently asked questions answered here. If you are looking for directions, choose this. Even the most unpleasant basement can be made into a beautiful living space, but you will want to conduct a home inspection ahead of any serious construction work. Otherwise, you run the risk of having a preventable issue undermine whatever work you have completed. One of the most common risks to look out for at this stage is moisture.

Epoxy Garage And Basement St Louis

Basements can often get damp as a result of moisture seeping in from the outside or condensation forming, and both issues need to be dealt with before you install drywall. To find out if your basement is at risk, tape plastic sheeting to the walls and floor. Check on the sheeting periodically and note if there are water droplets on either side. If so, you’re going to need to eliminate the moisture before moving ahead.

It’s also possible to have carbon monoxide build up in the poorly ventilated recesses of your basement, so be sure to contact a professional heating expert who can check your ducts and make sure everything is in working order. 

Have a plan

Basements introduce organizational concerns that are not present elsewhere in homes. For instance, some rooms may require egress windows that allow people to escape the building in an emergency. If this is the case in your area, it will be necessary to position these rooms along the perimeter of your home. You’ll also need to account for the lower ceiling height in most basements and the ways that this can be decreased further by ductwork and plumbing that often runs along basement ceilings. This can be a bigger issue than it seems because certain areas have codes related to ceiling height. If you are concerned about any dimensional elements, you should contact an architect who can help your draw up some blueprints and discuss the possibility of moving ductwork and other obstructions.